CLIENT STORY //  2016/2017



The Bibbulmun Track Foundation (BTF) has a busy office which operates with the assistance of a team of over 20 office volunteers whose skills vary enormously. What they all have in common is a love of the Bibbulmun Track and a willingness to share their knowledge and passion with others.

Due to her previous success with the Guide Training Program in 2009, we re-engaged Ali to provide assistance with continuing the process of aligning our organisation with the National Standards for Volunteering.

Ali facilitated meetings and collaborated with BTF staff to:

  • Determine current training and non-training issues pertaining to performance gaps of our office volunteers.

  • Create training solutions to address these gaps and advice regarding non-training solutions.

  • Create a comprehensive training plan that included reviewing our current screening, induction and training processes and providing direction for ongoing training and development.

  • Mentor the Office Administrator in the training process who would then oversee the continuous improvement of the office volunteers and associated administrative processes.

This resulted in:

  • The design, delivery and review of a two-week training program for the office volunteers which provided an opportunity to mentor the Office Administrator.

  • A comprehensive training plan.

  • Solutions to update and reformat current procedures, improve internal communications and re-organise the physical space of the work environment.


Ali displayed a high level of professionalism and adopted a collaborative

approach throughout the project ensuring that our volunteers felt valued and their opinions heard.

Her services are highly recommended.

Linda Daniels

Executive Director

Bibbulmun Track Foundation


In 2009 our Guide Training program was upgraded, formalised and strengthened through an intensive review with invaluable guidance and management by Ali.


Throughout each stage of the development, Ali maintained a high level of professionalism, as one would expect but where her assistance was really useful was the focus on making the program a practical and useable tool fit for purpose.


It was also apparent from the outset that, for the program to be successful, it needed to be meaningful and its performance measurable. It would have to be easy to understand by all involved and easily implemented by the organisation.

At the same time though, a level of complexity was needed to make it such an effective training program, and 8 years later it still is.

Regular progress meetings and useful feedback at each stage meant that at all times the way forward was clear and easy to understand. The review was highly comprehensive and throughout the process I felt that I was a valued partner in the development of the program.


Ali has a very collaborative approach and a very concise and thoughtful way of communicating. A robust training plan was developed for all aspects of becoming a Guide. The training that each Guide would undergo was mapped to the National Standards using detailed matrices which included over 300 elements and performance criteria.


All the while, Ali gave deliberate consideration to the fact that all the Guides are volunteers and the training and assessment tools developed needed to be as flexible as possible. Moreover, the program was developed with sustainability in mind making it easy to review and improve as standards and conditions change.


I would recommend Ali to assist with any training and development needs.


Steve Sertis

Event Manager

Bibbulmun Track Foundation 

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